Beta Phi Delta

Carina Ulengco

Alpha Kappa, Spring 2018

My name is Carina Ulengco and I’m from San Jose, CA. I spend my time watching bad horror movies and eating everything in plain sight. I also enjoy making a fool of myself in an attempt to make people laugh. For example, I’ll take a photo at the worst possible angle and forward it to everyone I know. In my free time I enjoy cooking Filipino food, drawing, and being outside in Riverside’s extremely hot weather. I decided to join the fraternity this past spring in an effort to become a better version of me. I would say I can come off as loud and energetic, but it takes a lot for me to do so. By joining the fraternity, I’ve been able to overcome my unwillingness to reach out to others while improving our surrounding community. The members of Beta Phi Delta are some of the most unique, and genuine people I’ve met in college. I am very fortunate to have found a place where I can grow alongside students that I can call family.